The first issue that the lethal lady shall tackle is homosexuality. At my school, I am the president of the gay straight alliance, I am a participator in Day of Silence, and I am complete and totally heterosexual. Yes, there have been times when I have seen a girl and said to myself (or anybody in my near vicinity who I know I wouldn’t freak out too much) “DAYUM, that piece of ass is fine” , but no, I would not consider myself lesbian nor would I consider myself bisexual.

So why do I accept gay people, I’m not gay.

Well, I’m not black, but I don’t think we should continue to lynch african americans.

I’m not hispanic, but I don’t think we should require hispanics to carry around birth certificates to avoid getting deported.

I’m not Jewish, but I don’t think that we should burn all of them and force them to do hard labor until they die of starvation.

But I am a human being, and I believe that all people; regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, or beliefs, ought to be equal.

Homophobia is something I encounter on a daily basis because I go to a school in a very conservative area (this is not to say all conservatives are homophobic, but my area does indeed contain many homophobes). I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten into shouting matches with people who thought (and were right in thinking) that they could badger me into reacting. But why do I react when I hear people defame homosexuals? For the same reason that whites reacted for blacks, for the same reason men reacted for women, for the same reason the world reacted for jews. Because although homosexuals are indeed just as smart, just as able, just as qualified to stand up for themselves, they can’t do it alone.

so how do we end homophobia? well the first thing that we need to know is what exactly IS homophobia?

dictionary.com –> unreasoning fear of or antipathy towards homosexuals and homosexuality.

notice that the word used is “unreasoning”. Homophobia is not something that one is born with, just as Christianity is not something one is born with and Heidi Montag’s boobs was something she was not born with (kidding kidding, although it is true).

That is the second thing that we must understand. Homophobia is not an inherent trait that some just have, its something that is indoctrinated into people. So to end homophobia, we need to end the source of homophobia. That won’t be solved in our generation, but its something that should start now. We already have federal indication, such as the repeal of DADT, that we are starting to make inroads into changing today’s society, but things such as DOMA still exist. It is up to our generation to fight the injustice that homosexuals face on a daily basis. Don’t be like me, don’t be hostile. Be calm and reason with homophobes (in a reasonable setting, don’t do this at work or in class, use some common sense) and if they don’t back down, don’t push at it. You have sown the seeds of acceptance. Just allow them to fester, water it and shed sunlight on it every now and then, but DO NOT PUSH IT. You simply want to make them create their own acceptance based identity, you don’t want to be that hostile dictator who made that person change because he or she feared that you would kill him or her if he or she didn’t. (that was a very confusing statement)

And the third and last thing that we must understand is that these people may be homophobic because they themselves are afraid of what could really be. Yes, I know this has been the current plot of Glee, but seriously. its true. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/johann-hari/homophobic-then-youre-pro_b_158516.html there have been apparently alot of studies done showing that homophobic men responded strongly to homoerotic media. Although, this may not always be the case, keep in mind that this person may be enduring his or her own personal struggle.

So I leave you, my precious few, or no, readers, with one request. Try to make change in your community for the better. Take action yourself, don’t sit back and think “somebody else will do this for me” . Don’t just apply this mentality to homophobia, apply it to anything that you are passionate about. (please don’t blame me though if you end up teaching a seminar on how to blow up your school or something, disclaimer RIGHT HERE: i am not advocating any radical or dangerous activities) But please, don’t be the generation of nothing, be the generation of change and reform. The generation that will go down in textbooks as the shapers of the modern world.


The Lethal Lady



I have to say this is an oddly weird, but somehow pleasant,  experience for me. Although I know that I’m not ACTUALLY talking to you ( and yes I mean YOU) , for some odd reason I feel like I am.  But regardless of MY oddity, I would like for you to continue with me on this journey in the world wide web.

I’m going to follow this post with yet another post truly starting my adventure as a crazy random person on the interwebs slowly freaking people out more and more, but I would like to start off with a disclaimer. I know you probably didn’t search up “lethallady” on google for the sole purpose of finding this blog, or maybe you didn’t even search up “lethallady”, but somehow found this site through a series of completely unrelated internet segue ways. I am in NO WAY qualified to speak on most of the issues that I will tackle on this blog, but I will keep you amused while I try to struggle my way through life. (no, I’m not being a depressed person, life is just a worthwhile struggle OK???)

Now that we all know that I am fully aware of the fact that I am not in fact an expert in any of these areas, here’s a short bio of my life.


grade? (rising) senior

gender? (really you couldn’t tell from the URL?) FEMALE.

orientation (sexually)? straight (i know this is a little TMI, but when I write my next post, you’ll understand)

contact? desiredloginname823@gmail.com (may create a new one just for this blog, depending on reception)


The Lethal Lady